NEC Powermate SX/20

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Date: Thu Jan 29 13:00:39 1998

Which desktop or notebook?

I can access to nec's ftp site for these stuff and send them over
by email to yours or you could access directly and d/l

Jason D.

PS: I have PowerMate/33i which is cached 386dx 33 and only the setup
disk will enable the hi speed/cache setting. Oh, IF you have
*DESKTOP* powermate type, I'm most interested in how all in one
motherboard connects to all status lights, keyboard/mouse via one
ribbon connection to small board looks like? I have this bare board
that works 100%. Don't ask me how I did got this way, I picked it up
at trift junkyard store. :) Thanks!

> I have the setup disks for a Prolinea 3/25s. I don't know if they're the
> same or not.
> Joe
> At 12:17 PM 1/29/98 PST, you wrote:
> >I need the CMOS setup program for the Powermate SX/20; does anyone have
> >it?
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Pero, Jason D.
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