Plastic yellowing

From: Riccardo <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 18:27:24 1998

At 01:41 28/01/98 -0800, Aaron wrote:
>Does anyone have a remedy for bad case yellowing? I have the suspicion
>that it's a permanent chemical change, but I thought it might be worth a

As I' ve previously said, I found FULCRON from AREXONS (if you can find it
there) to be the best in dissolving yellowish from computer plastics
(unbeatable against nicotine)

All you have to take care is to spray the pure product in a uniform way
(=the whole surface omogeneously) and brush it gently, alllowing the whole
surface to be in contact with the product.Then rinse: FANTASTIC!

Avoid to spray and let drops come down + rinse without brushing!: where the
drop down, it leaves the surface CLEAN, but the rest still dirty. If you
rinse and try to apply the product again (even brushing it accurately) the
"clean-shadows-on dirt" will remain!


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