Sound Master PC card, etc.

From: Hotze <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 21:45:11 1998

Sorry that I don't have all the information, but here goes:
I've got a freidn with an early Pentium 75, purchased July 1995. Needless
to say, it doesn't have Windows 95.
    When trying to insall some "classic" Sierra games, like the VGA Quest
For Glory; the install progam has a list of sound cards that it supports.
It puts a check by sound cards supported by your system (IE Sound Blaster 16
would be a Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, and Adlib compatible), and his
would show up as "Sound Master." Now, it's my guess that Sound Master was a
"clone" of Sound Blaster, but early versions must have added more features.
Also, it wasn't "Sound Blaster Compatible" enough so that it used SB
    Sorry for the sketchy information,

Tim D. Hotze
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Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 2:54 AM
Subject: Sound Master PC card, etc.

>1) Here's an item that I am curious to learn about. I will transpose a
>description of this item... I hope it actually falls into the classic
>category. Anyway, it is called the Sound Master PC and it says it is "a
>music and sound card.... sound and speech run through a direct memory
>(DMA) driven 8-bit digitizer. Sound Master PC incorporates an extra
>witha three-voice capability, the latestd esign for multi-part music and
>special effects. Combined sounds go to the built-in stereo amplifier...."
> Here's what I'm really interested in... "Sound Master PC also has
>joystick ports which accept the 'fun' types of Atari, Commodore, or other
>game-machine joysticks. ...."
> "The board fits into any available slot on your PC. Mini stereo-speaker
>and dual joystick ports are accessibe through the rear mounting bracket.
>package includes external speakers, plug-in board, instructioons, and a
>Does anyone know who might have made this unit? What year? Are the joystick
>ports really any good? I run a digital joytsick (Atari) through my Printer
>port.... but this sounds completely different.
>Feel free to add some input. Oh, how much would 'you' pay for something
>this. I have the opportunity to get up to ten of these things and am
>what they're worth. ANyone else want to get in on the deal with me?
>I also have access to these:
>2) Voice Master Digitizer for the IBM, Apple, and Commodore Computers.
>3) The Speech Thing-- allows recording sounds through the printer port.
>4) C-20 cassettes (10 minutes per side) -- 20 for $6.60. Unused cassettes
>unused plastic case-NEW!
>5) 1000 tractor-feed mailing labels for $3.95.
>6) New 5 1/4" disks 100 for $5.40 (Single-sided, single or double density)
>7) 100 Double Sided, Double Density 5.25" for $5.50 --
>8) also new 8" disketes for $1.00 a piece!
>Let me know on some of this stuff and we can work out a deal.
>Love to get more info on it all,
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