Military Computer Books (Waz: Off-topic...)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 21:03:51 1998

>RE: Military course books,
> I don't know about the Navy but when I was in the USAF you could order
>the manuals for any course that they tought. This was free to anyone on
>active duty and I *think* to retirees. If you know anyone in the military,
>have them contact the base education office and see what's avilable. You

Don't know about retirees, but that's a good point about active duty.

>may even be able to get them from the US Government printing office. Tech
>manuals were available from them for many years, but I don't know if they
>still are.

I'd forgotten about this, I think in the front of the manuals is a blurb
about how non-military can obtain them. The caveat being that they are
non-classified manuals. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Data
Systems Technician manuals were, but the rest I was talking about weren't.
I assume you also have to be a US citizen.


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