Win 3.0

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 01:49:03 1998

Marvin wrote:
> Les Berry wrote:
> > I might be mistaken, but I somehow recall that someone said that
> > it was possible to run windows 3.0 on an XT???
> >
> > A buddy of mine gave me an unopened box of v3.0 but the back
> > says it requires a 286.
> It has been a long time since I worked with wIN 3.0 but as I recall, Win 3.0
> was capable of running in real, standard, and enhanced mode. There was
> quite a bit of discussion when it first appeared about the compatibility
> with XT computers, hence the real mode operation. You can still find out
> some interesting information about starting Windows buy typing "win /?" at
> the command prompt. Real mode compatibility was removed for version 3.1.
> Interesting sidelight, if you were running a machine capable of using
> Windows in enhanced mode, the speed of the machine sometimes picked up if it
> was started in Standard mode. As I recall, it was because some of the
> enhanced features such as "multitasking" were disabled in standard mode.

Yeah, something like that. You can run Word or you can print. Don't
try to print from Word. It will get ugly.

Windows 3.0 will _not_ work on anything less than a 286. Or in my
experience on a 286 with an 8-bit bus (Tandy TL/2). Unless there's
a trick I missed. (Yes, I had the CGA drivers at hand).
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