Win 3.0

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Date: Fri Jan 30 03:11:49 1998

> >I might be mistaken, but I somehow recall that someone said that
> >it was possible to run windows 3.0 on an XT???
> >
> It's not documented and MS never mentioned it, but yes it will work on an
> XT.
> -- Kirk

Oh yeah, that is right. Did that on Zenith Eazy PC w/
miniscribe noisy 20mb hd. Slow and chunky. :-P I guess it was
because of wrong combination, CGA, and cpu that made win 3.0
unsuitable for this regeard. What's good if the graphics is not that
great as Sparkys and it's illks w/ hi-res displays?

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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