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From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 09:16:48 1998

At 12:42 PM 1/30/98 GMT, you wrote:
>> Also got a strange Commodore cable. It has what looks like a double
>> ended HP-IB connector one end and a card edge connector on the other. All
>> the connectors have 24 contacts. Both ends have a heavy braided ground
>> strap. It looks like it's about 2 foot long. Any one know what this is for?
>It is a Commodore PET GPIB (HPIB) cable. Most PETs didn't have the
>standard GPIB connector (the 8032SK being the only exception I can call
>to mind) but had a 24 pin edge connector instead. The pinout is the
>same; pin spacing is 0.156 inch.
>The "Parallel User Port" (some useful lines from the 6522 VIA plus some
>diagnostic type stuff and video out) was a similar connector with
>keyways in different places. The 8032SK used a GPIB type connector for
>this as well, which I found very annoying when trying to connect one to
>a friend's BBC micro... but I digress.
>(BTW can anyone confirm: is 0.156 inch _really_ 0.156 inch or is it 5/32
   Thanks for the info. I thought maybe that's what it was. FWIW this one
has keys between pins 3/4 and 10/11.
RE 0.156 vs 5/32. There's not a lot of difference 5/32 = 0.15625 so there's
only .00025 difference. I expect the manufacturing tolerences are greater
than that.

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