Never pass an $8 computer [Apple IIc swapmeet story]

From: Thomas Pfaff <>
Date: Wed Jul 1 17:13:28 1998


So I bought two Apple IIcs last year, one from at the Capitola Swap
Meet for $8 with no power supply and a bad keyboard and the other at
a ham radio swap meet for $15 with the cute little monitor, stand,
power supply, TV adapter, printer and a bunch of other junk
[Printshop and... what a thrill- typing tutor!]

I bought the two machines some time apart from each other and was
moving about the time I picked up the second. So finally today I
found that the first one work while the complete system I bought is

Well... it's no problem since I can make one working model out of
two. Fortunately the first one also has a case with no yellowing

The moral of the story:

Never pass up a $8 retro-computer... even if it's broken and incomplete!

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