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From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Wed Jul 1 20:09:29 1998

Seth J. Morabito wrote:
> >
> > OK, now so I know how much these things are worth besides how much the
> > buyer wants to pay for it, would you people pay this much?
> Personally? Maybe. This is really a 'Per-Collector' question, I suppose.
> I think that $200 is approaching the very-high-end of anything I would
> go after myself. For this particular machine, I'd have to say $200 is
> a little high, but might be worth it considering what some others have
> gone for.
> As for the >$1000 E-bay Lisa, I'd just have to say "No way, no how,
> nuh-uh." That is far, far too much money.

I have to admit that I noticed the $1000 eBay Lisa and the two $300
Osborne 1's and it did get me wondering...

Personally, I'd never pay it; I have enough trouble rationalizing $1000
for a new Pentium or PowerPC. As for that much for a "collectible", it's
the same reason I still don't have a Mac Portable... I won't pay what
people seem to think is the going rate (> $200 for a 1MB 68000-based

OTOH, I already own both a Lisa 2 and an O-1. The former cost me about
$100, spent $20 at a time to piece it together, and includes 1MB of RAM,
docs, and the Sun Remarketing SCSI board. The O-1 is a later model (same
as the one on eBay) and cost me $30, including Osborne modem, DD
upgrade, and 80-column upgrade. Both are currently sitting in storage
because I have no room to keep them set up nor time to use them.

There are days when I wonder if I would not be better off auctioning
them off, taking the money and running. Better yet, just go on the 'net
and offer an even swap of the Lisa for a G3 PowerMac... at least I might
find time to use the PowerMac.

The eternal conundrum...
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