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From: Larry Anderson <foxnhare_at_goldrush.com>
Date: Wed Jul 1 20:20:29 1998


Quantum Computer Services started off Quantum Link from the old Commodore 64
Play-Net network and later developed Apple and PC link as those developed
(from the old Q-Link system) Quantum Computers changed their name to AOL and
later shut down the Commodore Q-Link service after leting it suffer a
slow-agonizing demise for a few years. Pitty, it was a good service.

There are still a bunch of Q-Link ideosyncracies in the system such as 10
character screen names. There is a web page out there that gives the whole
story, I came across it a while back in my surfing.

Hopefully Doug Coward will read this and fill us in better, as he was an
actual Q-Link employee for many years (read he actually worked there, not a
Q-Guide or some sub-op position).
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