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From: Poesie <>
Date: Wed Jul 1 23:35:31 1998

yeah, the HP scanjets all(?) come with their own scsi interface card,
that has basically a DB-25 plug that connects to the scanner. however,
if you have any 50pin centronics to scsi, you can use that just fine
too; more or less, HP distributed the interface card because most PC
owners don't tend to have SCSI :)

        PS. I have some cards & HP deskscan software from a couple units i
picked up, email if interested. yadda, yadda, yadda...

Allison J Parent wrote:
> I aquired HPscanjet 9190A.
> I have the flatbed scanner and the cable but, I do not know if there is
> an additional interface needed for PC or? use. the cable looks like
> parallel printer cable. Any info may help.
> Allison
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