LISA (fwd)

From: George Currie <>
Date: Thu Jul 2 17:50:51 1998

> > > So, if I offered you an Apple 1, one of 200 made, for $1000, you'd
> > > turn it down?
> >
> > Well, actually I probably would. (Again, this is _ME_ personally here
> > :) I can't speak for anyone else)
> Actually, nor would I. The Apple 1 is not the sort of machine that I'm
> interested in.

So let me get this straight, if you had an opportunity to buy an item that is
potentially worth $30000+ for only $1000 you would all pass it up? Hard to
believe. Well I guess everyone else on this list is so rich that the thought of
making 30x profit is nothing. Me on the other hand, even if I _hated_ Apple,
wouldn't pass up such a bargain. I get no excitement from a Picasso, but if
someone were to try to sell me one for $2000, you're damn straight I'd be all
over that thing (assuming of course it wasn't hot, ie it is the sellers ignorance
that they are selling that low).

Factors that I consider are (not necessarily in order)

  - how badly do I want it
  - how much spare money do I have to acquire it
  - if I don't want it that badly, how much could I make off of it.
  - is it interesting and about to be tossed (i.e. should it be rescued)

A perfect example being, if I could pick up a Lisa2 for $50, I most certainly
would. Personally I don't want one (already got one), but I know that I could
sell it for a _lot_ more. I know this concept goes against the beliefs of some
members, just call me a slimeball capitalist. But on an Apple 1, that $29000
profit would go a long way to paying off debt, going towards the mortgage,
paying for my kids tuition, etc.

Anyway, my 00000010 cents

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