Apple //gs composite video prob

From: Phil Beesley <>
Date: Fri Jul 3 10:24:58 1998

On 2 Jul 98 at 17:43, R. Stricklin (kjaeros) wrote:

> I just picked up a ROM v01 //gs at a thrift shop.
> The colour composite video it generates is very badly artifacted. On my
> ][plus, there is a 'colour trim' adjustment which I would expect to
> correct this on the mainboard, but I didn't see anything like this on the
> //gs.

Sorry, I can't help with this bit.
> Also, the colours are pale and incorrect when I use my Apple // RGB
> monitor (the one with the electric tilt) on the RGB port. This monitor
> doesn't work on the RGB port of my //c at all, so I'm wondering if it's
> just a matter of not being quite the right monitor for the //gs (which
> has, if I recall, a monitor more closely styled along Mac lines).

Apple IIGS RGB port = analogue signal at NTSC frequency. This port
requires the specific RGB display for the IIGS, early multi sync
displays from Sony and NEC, many Amiga and Atari displays etc but

Apple // RGB tilt monitor = digital display, surely. You'll get some
display from the IIGS on it but as you say the colours are wrong.

Apple //c RGB port = raw RGB signal. It requires an adapter to
convert it to something a monitor will understand. Alltech
Electronics sell adapters for analogue and digital displays, I

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