what cost profit? (philosophical rant but slightly on topic)

From: George Currie <g_at_kurico.com>
Date: Fri Jul 3 11:44:48 1998

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> > So let me get this straight, if you had an opportunity to buy an item
> that is potentially worth $30000+ for only $1000 you would all pass it up?
> Hard to believe. Well I guess everyone else on this list is so rich that
> the thought of making 30x profit is nothing. Me on the other hand, even
> if I _hated_ Apple, wouldn't pass up such a bargain. >
> Not everyone is in it for the money. This is a hobby, not a business. If
> I were a broker sure I'd take it, but that's not what I do. I write
> programs, I build controllers, I don't broker used equipment.

No, no, no. I think many people missed my point. I am not "in it for the
money" either. For one, you can't really make enough to make it worth the
time required. Secondly, I started collecting for the same reason that
many/most of you did, for the love of tinkering and the machinery.

My point was that given an opportunity to significantly enhance my income (in
a legal and ethical manner), I would do so. And yes, to me a $20000 is a
_significant_ sum of money. Unfortunately, I'm not rich. I have financial
responsibilities and others who depend on me. I am not so puritan in my
hobby, that I would pass up enough of a profit to actually send my kid to school
for a year (or semester depending on the school). Hell, I'd just as soon give the
money to my parents to help them (IRS problems), or to a close friend of mine
(health problems), than just pass it up. For me, that's what it boils down to,
there are certain things that _no_ computer can come close to in regards to
importance. Money isn't a number in your bank account, good things can be
achieved with it. And if you have no one or cause close to you that could really
use some extra money, then you are a lucky person.

Anyway, I just didn't want to leave people with the impression that I'm just
acquiring stuff for eventual profit (heck I have about 75 classic Macs sitting in
my garage that I'm about to donate/give away). Additionally, I don't know how
the selling of a single high profit item suddenly turns one into a "dealer" or
"broker". I assume that if anyone on this list were suddenly in dire financial
straights, they'd still sell that IMSAI that they got for $50 four years ago for $50

So if anyone wants to sell me their Apple 1 at their cost, I'd be more than
happy to oblige.

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