I think I'm going to be sick

From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Fri Jul 3 11:58:46 1998

At 08:07 AM 7/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I went back to the Salvation Army store where I picked up the Wang PC last
>week, and was shocked to find that ALL of the computer junk had been
>replaced by shelves full of lamp shades!
>I asked the employees what had happened to all that 'old computer junk',
>and was told that it had all been THROWN OUT LAST WEEK. :( I was assured
>that it was already gone, not just sitting in a dumpster outside.

Sad, but be warned... If they are anything like the ones up here, while
they will usually refuse to negociate even a little bit on a price, they
also will not hesitate to call the police if they find someone 'dumpster
diving', since they convieniently manage to rationalize it as 'theft'.
(and no, it was not me in the dumpster...)

An odd lot that... Even more annoying when I heard a story on the news
yesterday that the 'Goodwill' stores are a $36 million per year business!
When you consider that (nearly) all of the items they are selling are
donated, one might think that they could afford to be a bit less militant.


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