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  Yes a reality, and a nic name I got from some friends.
  I don't remember the key stroke to open a new file or to save to disk, but
it had some thing to do whith function key 3 or 4 I think remember it's been
a while, after the function key a letter I am not sure whitch letter opened
a new fiel whith a prompt for a file name: you typed in the file name
pressed enter and you wore in the word prosessor, and could type what ever
  I used it mostly to write messages on from calls ect, I would leave it on
all day, and get some help later on some one would read it back to me so I
could braille it out.
  The drive was ten MB and had Wang dos on it and the word prosser was also
on it.
  The monotor was a Wang monotor, I don't know if they are still available.
  This Wang I had was baught at a flee market, a fellow had 20 or 30 of them
he was selling complete for $25 about ten years ago.
    A friend saw it and snagged one for me he knew I was interested in
computers, and thought it would make a interesting birthday present for me.
  I sold it eventually because I couldn't het a sinthasiser that would work
in the card slots, they worent ISA or any thing like that, not sure what
they wore.
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