Please help identify this S-100 computer

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Sat Jul 4 00:07:28 1998

On Fri, 3 Jul 1998, Bob Wood wrote:

> I recently acquired this S-100 computer.
> It says "Micropolis" on one of the PC cards
> and on a nameplate on the front of the
> floppy drive. It carries a tag inside which

Micropolis is the name of the floppy drive and controller maker, one of
the first 5.25" drives out, I think. I've got one from circa 1977 in one
of the IMSAI's I dragged home today :-)

> says the manufacturer is INTEGRAND - Visalia, CA.
> and the model is 800D-4E.

If none of the cards or motherboard has this brand name on it, then
chances are that Integrand just manufactured the chassis. I have a
similar no-name S-100 box with a nice wood cabinet.

BTW, the IMSAIs I nabbed today were the 2nd and 3rd of the three (!) this
guy had for sale. Unfortunately, somebody from Texas swooped down and
grabbed box 1 along wth *all* of the IMSAI docs and the CPU card from one
of my boxes :-(

But that just means I got a better deal, and makes my upcoming IMSAI
projects that much more fun :-) So, who has some IMSAI docs they'd like
to trade away? Who made CPU cards that have a plug for the front-panel
header? And where can I get the plastic IMSAI toggle switches? (One of the
IMSAIs is missing most of the switches).

BTW, I also got a SBC as part of the deal (in addition to some other cool
stuff). Anybody familar with the Advanced Digital Super Six?

-- Doug
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