IBM monochrome, was Wang Thang

From: dave dameron <>
Date: Sat Jul 4 00:20:31 1998

Hi all,
At 07:35 PM 7/3/98 +0100, Tony Duell wrote:
>> The IBM Mono Emulator board is labeled "P C Emulator" and "WANG
>> 9443-R2-M2" and has two 28-pin EPROMs on it labeled "HN482764G-2". There
>> are five 28-pin chips from Toshiba labeled "TC5565PC-15". There is also a
>RAM, I think. Possibly video RAM.
>> 40-pin chip labeled "HD46505SP/HD6845SP". The rest is TTL.
>6845 CRT controller (basically the timing chain for the video section).
>Is there another 24 pin chip (EPROM or ROM) on this board as a character
>generator? I would have expected one. Unless one of the 5565s is used for
>that and loaded from disk or something.
Did the early IBM mono boards have a character generator, like in serial
terminals? I thought I had one, but it is a clone, still with a 6845 and 64k
dynamic ram, 8 ic's. There is a 6116 2k byte ram on it, in a socket, which I
assume is loaded from the BIOS with the character data. See no ROM. Newer
boards with (almost) a single ASIC chip, I have no idea what they do.
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