DEC Bonanza! Anybody want a system??

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Date: Fri Jul 3 21:31:44 1998

  Hi Every One

    This sounds really great!
  I am blind and do have a love for machinery mechanical as well as

  What I know about computers is self learned, I always wanted to aquire a
main frame computer, so I could learn about it.
  I am building a small net work of my own, could I use a main frame as a
hub, I know it might be a dumb question, but you don't know unless you ask,
    I ran across the garage full of computer equiptment and thought here
is my chance.
  But, I don't know about the equiptment and am looking for imput. What do
you think?
  Can we get me setup?
  I'll found a speech synthasiser screenreader for unix based systems, here
again do to lack of familarity I don't know what OS these machines are
  Any impute or coments would be fine!
  Write to:
  Again thanks!

    Pete Persuric

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