DEC Bonanza! Anybody want a system??

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Sat Jul 4 08:06:27 1998

>Christian Fandt wrote:

> Now I have two problems:
> 1. My wife. She was not too happy with how the amount of equipment grew
> from what was originally expected. Can you blame her?
> 2. My garage. It now is completely full! We've just moved into that house
> on 28 March. Beverly wants to park her Jeep in the garage. (See problem #1)

Jerome Fine replies:

Wow!!!!! What a haul. Like a kid in a candy store.

I have the same set of problems as well. But congratulations on the
find. I have been looking for other people who do RT-11? Is it
a very small or large part of your hobby?

I notice that you don't mention much about the PDP-11
software. Is there any RT-11 or is it all RSX and/or RSTS?

I have been looking for up to date DOCS for a while and can't
seem to find any that are recent (less than about 15 years old).
I hope you found some. If there are any duplicates that no one
else has asked for, please let me know. How far is Jamestown
from Buffalo? I am in Toronto which is about 2 hours from
Buffalo to start with.

If you are active with RT-11, I would certainly like to keep
in touch. My primary focus right now is helping some friends
who need their systems fixed for Year 2000. After that is
all done, I hope to help the RT-11 hobby users.

If you wish to return you phone number, I will call on Sunday
if that is OK by you.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
RT-11/TSX-PLUS User/Addict
(416) 667-8233
Received on Sat Jul 04 1998 - 08:06:27 BST

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