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 BP{> > The not so funy thing about the monotor is the power and
 BP{>data cords > coming out of it both had the same plug on the end
 BP{>of them, and pluging the > data plug in to the power socket on
 BP{the vidio card was a hasard. >
 BP{> Ouch! And if my machine is the same, this would disprove my
 BP{>theory about the plugs, unless the 8-pin connector that I think
 BP{>might be for the video actually just mated with a 5-pin connector.
 BP{A 5 pin DIN plug will mate with a 7 or 8 pin socket (!). Just what
 BP{you need to cause problems IMHO.
 BP{Which way round do you think the connectors are?

    Hi Tony

    I think the two cables coming from the monotor wore stuck togather like
a two contuctor lamp cord would be stuck togather, you could separate the
two cords by pulling apart.
    I think the power cable was the one on the left as you are looking at
the monotor from the front, like you would to see what's on it.
Sliding your hand along the under side fo the monotor from front to back you
would find the cables entering the botom of the monotor case. Each cable
had it's own round molded thingy whitch was fixec to the monotor case, so
you could tel witch one was witch.
  I am not sure about the markings on the monotor case, it felt like smooth
plastic to me around rhe place whrer the cables went into the monotor.
  The pie shaped symble stands for a cathode ray toob.

  The cable on the leftof the monotor looking from the front went into the
whole on the left of the Wang computer looking at it also from the front.
  and the cable on the right went in to the whole on the right, I think
that's the way it went togather.

  Pete Persuric

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