Dead PSU

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sun Jul 5 18:09:13 1998

Does that make the solution more complicated? There are about 20 little
capacitors, packed like mushrooms. Are you sure it can't be anything
else? BTW, if I later unplug it, the fan spins back up again. Maybe I
could just disable whatever shuts the thing down? (I'm somewhat
squeamish about spending two hours checking each and every capacitor
with a hot soldering iron - that'll _really_ dry out my capacitors :)

>Aha... 2Hz....
>Forget all we've said about mains filtering...
>Sounds like the PSU is starting up, detecting a problem, shutting down,
>Start by testing/replacing all the output-side electrolytics. They'll
>1000uF-4700uF (I guess), connected (electrically) close to the output
>connections, and have voltage ratings <25V.
>On the grounds it works OK off-load, it's unlikely to be any of the
>capacitors in the unit...

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