Help figuring out these boards

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Jul 5 18:27:52 1998

I brought home some keen boards the other day. I'm hoping you guys can
help me figure out what I've got.

Firstly, a 4K HP memory board. Part number 02640-60065(?) Date codes are
76-77. Its a long card about 12", and has the edge connector in the
center of the board. Looks like it goes into a 98xx series machine?

NeXT, I got this NeXT prototyping board. It has the NeXT logo, about
40,000 holes for putting components into, an edge connector with all the
pins labelled (presumably goes into the NeXT bus?) and it looks like
someone was trying to build something on this. It has a bunch of logic
and resistors and some dip switches and 8 LEDs. Looks like a bus monitor
or data monitor of some sorts. Too lazy to type up any of the 74xx
numbers so never mind. I'll figure this out eventually.

And now, the MAI Basic/Four board set. I found these in the same place I
found the two items above. This guy was selling a whole set of random
boards. So anyway, here's what I found (the number in parenthesis is the
Board Detail number):

High Speed DMA (904193)
Adapter Bus (902211) [connected to the High Speed DMA with a ribbon cable]
Terminal Controller x2 (901420)
Formatter Bus (901920)
Unidentified board (has a bunch of logic...looks like a disk or tape
Jumper Board - Carthridge Tape Controller (904049) [basically an 8.5"x11"
 PCB with nothing but three traces cross-connecting edge connector pins!]
19-slot backplane

No CPU board, so I don't have a complete system. It'd be cool to find the
rest of this someday. Piece by piece I suppose I will, as today I picked
up a Basic/Four keyboard that apparently went with a Basic/Four terminal
for free. The guy I got it from said he'd ask the guy he got it from if
he has the rest of it or anything else Basic/Four.

I've asked about this before I think, but what is the Basic/Four? Isn't
it some early 80s mini?

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