Chicks Love Classic Computerists!

From: Desie Hay <>
Date: Mon Jul 6 02:59:00 1998

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Well they dont here in Australia..........most of my friends think i very
also i dont have chicks falling at my feet when i carrying home a XT or some
other piece of vintage computer
hardware, mostly i get looks of "what a idiot" or "thats funney"
oh well


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>> From: Russ Blakeman <>
>> Subject: Re: what cost profit? (philosophical rant but slightly on topic)
>> Sam Ismail wrote:
>> > Well, I don't know about you guys, but I collect computers so I can
>> > chicks!!
>> >
>> > Oh yeah! They dig this stuff. Really!
>> Yeah, right Sam. You tell them to show you their floppies and then you
bring ou the
>> hard drive right? Or do all these chicks look like Janet Reno?
>Case in point I met my wife, Daine, via my Commodore-64 BBS network, (She
>in Louisiana, I in California) she appreciated my taste in computers
>she says she was somewhat leary cause I had an Amiga 500 system as well).
>Yep, some chicks dig classic computers. *grin*
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