Video Game Crash of 1983

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Jul 6 08:43:38 1998

>> Video game crash of '83? Would you please explain?

> In the early 80s there was a home video game boom started by the home game
> PONG and all it's clones then Atari produced one of the first popular
> cartridge programmable games, the 2600. Not soon after that there were
> probably a dozen competitors including Matell (Intellivisaion), Magnavox
> (Oddesy), Balley (Astrocade), etc. By about 1983 there was a major glut of
> game machines and cartridges, too many to support the market...

> Then the bottom fell out around 1983 with the avent of cheaper home computers
> with just as good (if not better) game playing ability, which started
> capturing the attenetion of the masses and the gamers stopped buying video
> games in favor of computers, many of the game companies were hit REALLY hard
> and some folded. Of course this was the start of the home computer wars. :)
> Some were able to 're-tool' for home computer games and did quite well.

Oh, and don't forget all the lame me-to companies who started
bussines in 1983/84 and stoped even before the product was
final developen - And do you still remember the even more
lame cpmpanies who foget to cancel their product right
away, when anybody was yelling 'Video Dames are Dead - Long
Live the Home Computer' ? One of them I think was a smaal
playing card manufacturer called Nintendo.


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