Apple & Commodore questions

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Jul 6 14:25:01 1998

>> I'd like to do some assembly language programming on my Apple //+. What
>> program was generally used to do AL programming? Did you typically use the
>> built-in Monitor, or was there an "Apple Assembler" program?

> Well, you had many to choose from. Probably the most popular was
> Merlin by Roger Wagner. You also had the Apple's EDASM, and there
> was the LISA Assembler (no relation to the computer), Big Mac Assembler,
> Assyst, ORCA/M, probably a few others.

Big Mac is still a usefull choice.
ORCA/M is more powerfull, but a bit harder to get on.

> Then of course there was the Sweet-16 mini-assembler built into the ROMs
> of the Apple ][ (not ][+ or //e). It finally reappeared in one of the
> later ]['s, but I can't remember which (the //c+ perhaps?)

First thing I did after I had my own Apple ][+ was hacking in
the Mini Assembler via the monitor (CALL -151) and save it to
cassete tape. I had to modify it on the fly ... :) At least
the dissassembler was still in ROM - Ohhh good ol times.

> I did all my coding by poking bytes from the monitor. Its how I learned
> and its the only way I ever felt comfortable with even though using an
> assembler would have saved me countless hours. But I never liked any of
> the assemblers (and I had all the ones I mentioned above).

I'm prety shure Bic Mac is woth a try. After I had FD drives
Eventualy I did my own assembler (/370 orientated - before
the Apple, I did it the other way - I developed a set of Macros
for the ASSEMBF to compile 8080 code (and 6502) on the mainframe)

>> Second, has anyone heard of a Commodore C64k?? I found a news post where
>> a guy had two of these available, but I don't recognize the "k" suffix.

> He probably is just referring to the amount of memory it has and is
> clueless enough about the machine that he would call it that. I'm
> positive its just a plain old C64.

Maybe - I don't know all the names for the different 65816 projects
to boost the C64 - maybe it's one of those ?


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