Amiga 2000

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 12:15:17 1998

What is the pinout of the 23-pin port?

>If your multisync syncs down to 15khz, there is no requirement for
>special hardware. The NEC Multisyncs up through the 3D all sync
>down to 15Khz as do many others.
>> >Also, are the keyboard and mouse PC-compatible?
>> Alas, no. The keyboard will run you about $60, and the mouse about
>> Your best bet is to try and find someone local to you that has
>> the Amiga to join the mindless masses. I recently got a rather nice
>> that way very cheap.
>> You didn't mention what kind of processor you've got in the system or
>> kind of boards it has. The stock is 68000, but it might have a 68020
>> 68030 on an accelerator board. Do you have a Hard Drive controller?
>> The ultimate A2000 would have a dual 68060/PPC acclerator, UW SCSI
>> Drive, about 128Mb RAM, Ethernet, either a Video Toaster or a Picasso
>> graphics card and be running Amiga OS 3.1, of course you don't want
to know
>> the price of all of that.
>> One of my main systems is a fairly beefy A3000 that I just got done
>> in a Tower case this weekend (metal working skills required). The
Amiga OS
>> beats anything MS has ever put out, and beats MacOS on certain
>> I think the best way to sum up Amiga's is that they are just plain
fun! It
>> would be well worth your time to either fix up that one, or find a
>> one.
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