Stuff for trade in UK

From: Mark <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 12:25:22 1998


I have some junk which I would like to trade for other junk...

- Two Wangtek tape streamers. One is 5125EN, the other 5099EN24. These are not-
  quite-SCSI devices; they require the correct PC interface cards -- PC-36 for
  the 5099EN24, and probably the 5125EN too. I don't have the interface card.

  I believe they work; before I figured out that they are not SCSI, connecting
  them to a SCSI controller allowed me to rewind tapes, at least

- Commodore PET 8050 disk drive, in bits. I took this apart years ago to clean,
  and forgot how to put it back together again. Never had the right cable to
  test it out anyway. Could be useful for spares if you already have one of
  these drives.

I would like to get hold of a Wangtek 5150ES or 5525ES tape streamer. Or make a
suggestion. I live in Wiltshire, England.

-- Mark
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