Looking for VAX FAQs

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Tue Jul 7 14:48:20 1998

Hi folks,

Still busy rummaging through the truckload of PDPs and VAXen and
peripherals and manuals, etc.

I'm looking for any info sources to learn more about a VAX 11/730. FAQs are
what I need. Web searches using Metacrawler and DejaNews yield rather
meager results. Sites like the excellent PDP site:
ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/academic/computer-science/history/pdp-11/ are
what I really would like to find.

I know I have probably found a good home for the 11/750 but I am
considering keeping the 730. First I need to do a heap of studying to check
the completeness of the box and to more fully understand what peripherals
and accessories I that should keep (which are already setting in the
garage) or to search for.

Could any of you folks help point me in the proper directions?

Thanks for all your help and support so far.
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Jamestown, NY USA
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