Amiga 2000

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jul 8 07:44:40 1998

>>What is the pinout of the 23-pin port?

> Max, your message consisted of one line of question with
> dozens of lines of previous message. Please consider editing
> out the parts you don't need.


> Also, there are dozens of web pages with the pinouts of the various
> Amigas. Did you try a web search before you replied? I entered
> "23 pin port amiga" in Hotbot and got 1,970 hits, many valid.

Ever tried this for PET (a classic in any sense) ?

> Is the Amiga a valid topic for the mailing list? Surely the
> first models fit the ten-year-rule, but the A2000 falls short
> by at least a year or two. There are other resources
> you can tap - the Amiga news groups out-post the classic groups
> by at least an order of magnitude, and that's only counting
> the English-speaking groups.

Shure, there are resources for anything, including a lot of
obsolete computer things beside this list, but if you want
to take this 10 year gudeline the hard way, you'll have to
cut out any discusion about CGA for exampe - they are still
in production.

And fr the Amiga 2000 - I have two in my collection and
considere them vintage :)


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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