Amiga 2000

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jul 8 05:36:44 1998

> >That's correct. Now, the interesting thing is that according to pinout
> >charts, the keyboard cables are the same (clock, data, not used, ground,
> >+5). However, the keyboards are not compatible. Does anyone know what
> >the difference is?
> Off the top of my head it might have something to do with the layout of the
> keys, and a different number of keys.

Different microcontrollers. Completely different protocol.

> I do know that they are
> incompatible, although you can get a device to allow you to connect a PC
> Keyboard, I believe it costs about as much to get the adapter as it would
> to get a keyboard (go figure).

There are a couple of quick-n-dirty hacks out on Aminet
( I am not aware of any pre-made adapters which
are significantly cheaper than $50USD.

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