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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Jul 8 11:38:55 1998

< Personally, if it came to building a board from scratch, I'd have to say I
< compatible Dual IDE controller. Drives are cheaper. I can just see stickin
< my BA123 - 20 g of space, for less than a grand. Gee, I wonder if the powe
< (snicker). There are MSCP docs somewhere out their on the web - or you cou
< people, I believe at least one of them has the MSCP handbook. I'd buy it i
< Q-bus version, anyway)

A IDE controller for Qbus is fairly straightforward if your willing to have
a little local intelligence for cache and dma management. If your willing
to write a non-MSCP VMS driver or unix driver for it. Adding MSCP may make
it more difficult as there is far more taskwork.

Doing it as scsi is not much worse... it's the scsi controllers and the
associated software that are a pain.

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