VAX 11/730 modules

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Thu Jul 9 11:22:17 1998

As I told Tony Duell a day or two ago, I would list the modules residing in
my 11/730. Point being to compare machines for completeness/options and to
get feedback from list members to learn more about what both of us have

I would like to fully restore this machine to it's original completeness
although not necessarily its original options/configuration. I'm missing
front/rear doors, some hardware, a few modules, misc. items and the
all-important TU58 tape which has the bootup microcode(!). Hopefully a
fellow who responded privately can find some docs and cabinet parts that he
might have which will help for sure. I'll be looking for the rest though.

The main problem I have found with the module list is that there are no
references in the Field Guide for these particular 11/730 modules. Maybe
because the Guide was for *only* Q-bus and UNIBUS modules and these don't
fall into that classification *or* simply the info for these modules was
not at hand when the FG was put together. I'm working on that now with a
fellow who emailed me in reference to a more up-to-date FG. Any input from
the group is welcome of course.

Here's the list of modules, in order of slot number, in the 730 as I
received it:

1. empty
2. empty
3. empty
4. M8390 (-B?)
5. empty
6. M8391 MCT
7. M8394
8. M8750-CP
9. M8750-CP
10. M8396
11. M8396
12. G7273
13. G7273
14. empty

No expansion backplane is installed presently. I think it may have been
taken out as there is reference on the module list printed on the CPU cover
which shows a 9-slot DD11-DK Unibus Expander Backplane installed in the
left side of the crate.

I have not dug into either of the BA11 crates I have in the pile yet but
would the 9-slot expansion backplanes in these actually be the DD11-DK? Is
"DD11-DK" marked anywhere on them?

The Ethernet cable is also hanging loose in the crate. Either a single
board Ethernet I/F was in slot 14 or the 2-board DEUNA or equivalent was in
two slotts of the DD11-DK expansion.

For the sake of comparison with what the factory-original module compliment
says, I will note in quotes ("") what's on the CPU cover label:

1. "Not used"
2. "M8389 FPA (Option)" (must be a floating pt. adaptor)
3. "Not used"
4. "M8390 DAP"
5. "Not used"
6. "M8391-YA or M8391 MCT"
7. "M8394 WCS"
8. "MS730-CA"
9. "MS730-CA"
10. "G7273/Memory"
11. "G7273/Not for Unibus Option"
12. "G7273/Not for Unibus Option"
13. "G7273/Unibus Option"
14. "M9202" (and) "G7273/Unibus Option"
<end 11/730-A CPU listing>
<begin DD11-DK backplane listing>
1. "M9202" (bridge from slot 14, above) "G727"
2. "G727"
| | (all 9 slots have G727's listed)
| |
9. "M9302" (and) "G727"

Hmmm, if I either have a DD11-DK in a BA11 or something around here or if I
could find one amongst list members, then I could hang Unibus options off
this machine :) Cool!

Anyway, my guess is that I don't have too far to go to restore this box
with help from folks here. Tony would benefit too regarding his own 730.

And yes, I understand it is a true dog as to performance. But it was
mentioned by Allison correctly that at least this is a "real iron" VAX
which will fit in a room and power requirements are low enough to be rather
tolerable. Recall I have a space problem here. I saw a picture and weight
(1k+ lbs) of a 11/780. The wife would shoot me if I had one to keep out of
that truckload <g>.

Thanks again for the help. Regards,
-- --

Christian Fandt, Electronic/Electrical Historian
Jamestown, NY USA
Member of Antique Wireless Association
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