VAX 11/730 modules

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Jul 9 12:09:05 1998

> For the sake of comparison with what the factory-original module compliment
> says, I will note in quotes ("") what's on the CPU cover label:
> 1. "Not used"

This is where the IDC (Integrated Disk Controller) goes, IIRC. It's the
R80/RL02 controller board.

> 2. "M8389 FPA (Option)" (must be a floating pt. adaptor)


> 3. "Not used"

Don't recall.

> 4. "M8390 DAP"

Data Path Module

> 5. "Not used"

Don't know.

> 6. "M8391-YA or M8391 MCT"

Memory Controller.

> 7. "M8394 WCS"

Writable Control Store - here is where the data from the tu58 ends up.

> 8. "MS730-CA"
> 9. "MS730-CA"

1Mb ECC RAM (each)

> 10. "G7273/Memory"
> 11. "G7273/Not for Unibus Option"
> 12. "G7273/Not for Unibus Option"

More RAM slots. "Not for Unibus" means it's a MUD slot (Modified Unibus
Device). You can't plug a termninator or Unibus cable into them, and only
some peripherals work here. At my former company, our COMBOARD I did not
work in a MUD slot, but the COMBOARD II did (we used alternate pins to get
the correct UNIBUS signals to the board).

> 13. "G7273/Unibus Option"

May or may not be a MUD slot. I forget.

> 14. "M9202" (and) "G7273/Unibus Option"

What ever you do, don't install the M9202 terminator in a higher slot than
this. You need those G7273 Grant Cards in all the empty slots.



P.S. - I *may* have a set of 11/730 prints in storage. I'm moving soon.
I'll know in a bit. If I do, the biggest problem with copying them is
access to an 11"x17" copier. I won't sell my only copy - I've got an
11/730 in storage, the same one I've mentioned before.
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