PDP-11 info needed.

From: J. Buck Caldwell <buck_c_at_polygon.com>
Date: Thu Jul 9 15:32:05 1998

Peter Joules wrote:

> > From: CLASSICCMP-owner_at_u.washington.edu
> > [mailto:CLASSICCMP-owner_at_u.washington.edu]On Behalf Of J. Buck Caldwell
> > If you need more cables or connection blocks, let me know. I just
> > threw out about 10 dead SDI drives
> > and have plenty of leftover cables.
> >
> It's a pity you aren't in the UK, I have 4 RA81/2 drives and only enough SDI
> cable to connect 2 to my MicroVAX at a time, and it is a pain dragging the
> cabinets out to swap them over.

Suppose you aren't willing to pay for shipping across the pond? They're not too incredibly heavy, if
you just want a pair or two. Admittedly, I have no clue whatsoever about how much it costs to ship
overseas.Hell, for a moderate price, I'll throw in the two RA70s and three KDA50s. I'm kinda trying
to get away from SDI...

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