PDP-11 info needed.

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_at_infinet.com>
Date: Fri Jul 10 09:42:33 1998

> you aren't willing to pay for shipping across the pond? They're not too
> incredibly heavy, if you just want a pair or two. Admittedly, I have no
> clue whatsoever about how much it costs to ship overseas.

I've done it. $5 to $15 per pound ($11 to $33 per kilo) is the ordinary
range, depending on sea/air and continent. Contrast this with UPS rates
of *approximately* $1 to $2 per pound for ground service.

> Hell, for a moderate price, I'll throw in the two RA70s and three KDA50s.
> I'm kinda trying to get away from SDI...

If you don't get any international takers, I'm interested in cheap SDI
hardware. I'd love to get away from it, but I have only 1 SCSI board for
all my VAXen/PDP-11's (a CS-21 with *no* docs), but several SDI interfaces
(UDA-50 and KDB50 - I have a VAX 8300). My current main disk is a third-
party SDI/ESDI box with two 1.2G 5.25" ESDI drives inside. My current
backup/reserve disk is an RA-81. As you can imagine, I hate powering
that one on. I would love a KDA-50 and RA70 - it would go so nicely in
my BA123.

I'm in Ohio; I could probably arrange for a pickup. I have a housemate
who is originally from St. Louis. We go back there several times per year.


P.S. while I'm here, I'll ask is anyone has any docs on a CS-21 Qbus SCSI
interface. It has a logo which I think is Systems Industries (a stylized
double-S). I could even use a jumper list. I'm about to get out the
Qbus manual and the voltmeter to match up jumpers with address bits.
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