Kaypro10 manuals needed

From: Benjamin C. W. Sittler <bsittler_at_nmt.edu>
Date: Thu Jul 9 08:34:30 1998

First, get a book on CP/M (the operating system used by the Kaypro 10.)
If you need more detailed technical information or have trouble finding
a CP/M reference, send me e-mail.
Essentially, the Kaypro10 is a 4MHz Z-80 based CP/M machine with a 400Kb
floppy and a hard disk (I think.) It was often used for word processing,
usually with MicroPro's WordStar.
It has a *slow* modem, a serial port, and a parallel port.

I'm working on compiling some information on the Kaypro so it can be
emulated; once I do this, emulators may serve as "active documentation"
for this fine but somewhat obsolete line of computers.
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