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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Jul 9 20:02:06 1998

>>and doesn't intend to (Workbench is still in development and 5.0 is
>>coming up)
>What happened to 4.0?

3.5 was supposed to be the next release, it was announced as canceled at
the WOA a couple months ago.

4.0 is supposed to be out in November, it will only run on Intel Hardware.
Version 4 is intended to be the only version on Intel Hardware, and is only
a release to be used as a developers platform, but from what I've heard do
to feedback they recieved after the announcement, they will be selling
developer systems through the normal channels to any one that wants them.

The reason 4.0 will be on Intel is because that is the platform the
necessary development tools are on. The interesting question is, what will
the OS look like, and how are they going to get it out on time (popular
bets are Linux and BeOS).

5.0 about two years. The rumour is that the hardware will be announced
this weekend (a good chance tomorrow) at AmiWest98.

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