New Acquisitions, H8 Question

From: Cliff Gregory <>
Date: Fri Jul 10 06:44:44 1998

>1 - Heathkit H?? (like the Z89)

No doubt an H88. Generally there will be a Heathkit sticker on the back
with the model number. The Heathkit 88 and Zenith 89 are virtually the same
machine with differing name plates.

>there are two cards marked H8-4
>and H8-5. The H8-4 is a multi I/O card, and I have no idea what the H8-5
>is yet except that it has what appear to be audio cables coming from the

The H8-5 is a serial I/O and cassette interface card. I have the complete
documentation including the assembly instructions. From the Introduction:

"Your Heathkit Model H8-5 Serial I/O and Cassette Interface Card provides
you with two input/output ports to the Heath H8 Computer. One port provides
a cassette tape interface while the other port provides a serial I/O

The Cassette tape interface, along with the H8 front panel monitor, provides
you with a fully automated Load and Dunp facility. This greatly increases
the system's usefulness by enabling you to store programs and data for later
use. The interface will automatically compensate for variations in tape
speed and will accept a wide range of input levels. Both high and low level
outputs are provided to match any tape unit you wish to use....

The serial I/O port normally operates with the system console. It provides
serial communications at speeds from 110 to 9600 Baud at either 20 mA or
RS-232 compatible levels...."

>1 - Heathkit Dual Floppy
>1 - Heathkit H-8 w/ H17 dual Floppy Drive

I you ever wish to part with either, let me know.

Cliff Gregory
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