VAX 11/730 modules

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Fri Jul 10 10:00:24 1998

At 19:03 09-07-98 +0100, (Tony Duell) wrote:

>> 14. empty
>Unibus output (you need a terminator and grant card here.)
>> No expansion backplane is installed presently. I think it may have been
>> taken out as there is reference on the module list printed on the CPU cover
>> which shows a 9-slot DD11-DK Unibus Expander Backplane installed in the
>> left side of the crate.
>What does your 11/730 cabinet look like, then? Mine is a 10.5" box with
>the backplane standing vertically in the middle. PSU on the right, cards
>go in from the left. There's no room in mine for an extra backplane.

10.5"box? b/p standing vertical? PSU on right? Whoa, that must be something
different in a VAX 11/730.

Look at this URL for a picture of my 730:

It's a Japaneese page, but there's some English text *and* a photo of my
730. The 780 is also shown on the right. It's cabinet dimensions are about
the same as the 40" mass storage unit cabinets and the 11/34A cabinet I have.

Interesting that the introduction dates show the 730 is fairly recent vs.
the 780. 1982 vs. 1977.

>> I have not dug into either of the BA11 crates I have in the pile yet but
>> would the 9-slot expansion backplanes in these actually be the DD11-DK? Is
>> "DD11-DK" marked anywhere on them?
>Could be. There's a label on the side of the backplane that says 'DD11-DK',
>you hope ;-). Some 9-slot backplanes were custom wired for particular
>options, like RH11s or RK611s. DD11-DKs are just plain Unibus (SPC)

Found a DD11-DK in an empty 10.5" BA11 crate. I think I recall seeing a
DD11 printset in the pile of docs (<g!>) so I'll check if it is "standard"
as in "not modified". The modification sticker has an "E", I think, marked
in a box.

>> For the sake of comparison with what the factory-original module compliment
>> says, I will note in quotes ("") what's on the CPU cover label:
>> 1. "Not used"
>> 2. "M8389 FPA (Option)" (must be a floating pt. adaptor)
>Yep, floating point board.
>> 1. "M9202" (bridge from slot 14, above) "G727"
>M9202 = Unibus jumper?


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