VAX 11/730 modules

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Jul 10 10:23:03 1998

> >What does your 11/730 cabinet look like, then? Mine is a 10.5" box with
> >the backplane standing vertically in the middle. PSU on the right, cards
> >go in from the left. There's no room in mine for an extra backplane.

Mine too. I think it is officially called a 11/730Z
> 10.5"box? b/p standing vertical? PSU on right? Whoa, that must be something
> different in a VAX 11/730.
> Look at this URL for a picture of my 730:
> It's a Japaneese page, but there's some English text *and* a photo of my
> 730.

I wish I could get Japanese support working for Netscape 4.03 under X on
my Solaris box. :-( I saw the picture. I have never seen that model
of 11/730 up close. It looks kind of like a miniature 11/750. I would
suppose that there is a BA-11 inside with a 11/730 backplane and some
DD-11DK's, no? If you forego the IDC for Unibus disks, yours looks like
a nicer design. Perhaps that's what they did for later units. The
cabling on the older 11/730's is a nightmare to install (a co-worker
did the one I have), but once in place, it's OK. I'm guessing that the
in-cabinet cabling for your 11/730 is like the 11/24 or 8200 - a pile
of cables snaking through some strain relief bars, ending in a wall of
I/O plates. Can you put any additional stuff in that cabinet, or is
it all cable run?

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