Another Good Swapmeet

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sat Jul 11 15:30:27 1998

Attended another great swapmeet today and picked up some things I had
been looking for. One friend of mine met me there and gave me a Lisa
2. Another friend brought over an AMD single board computer circa
1976. At the swapmeet itself, I picked up a Commodore SX64 along with
most of the docs. At the end, everything was free and I picked up a
Tandy 1400 LT Portable, HP85, IBM Professional Graphics Monitor, Tandy
Plotter, Zenith Monitor in the box, a Cannon mono scanner and card, and
some other misc. stuff. I also picked up one of the old Military Morse
Code trainers and a bunch of tapes for $20. It is a good thing I only
drive a 280ZX since I would have filled almost any vehicle I would have
brought :). A bunch of things got dumpstered that I just don't have the
room to store including a couple of Tektronics 435 scopes, some Heathkit
test equipment, and some Eico scopes and other test equipment. Oh well,
there will always be next year! BTW total outlay for everything I got
was around $50.
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