Yard Sale Finds

From: will emerson <wpe_at_interserv.com>
Date: Sat Jul 11 19:06:42 1998

Picked up at a yard sale today, in Framingham, Ma.
        IBM P/S 2, Model 50Z
        On-Site Computer Systems box... Unit seems to have two hard
        disk drives, that, on the outside, remind me of the old RD54
        (I think) that used to be in the old DEC PRO-350's, two LPT
        ports, and one serial port. Also a 5 3/4" floppy drive...
        Anyone ever heard of these people, or know anything about their
        3 Monitors, one NEC, one Samsung, and one Tandy.
        A Citizen MSP-20 printer..

                Cost of this "rescue" US 20$, and the people even helped
                load it into my car..
        Now to sort it all out, and see "what works, and what don't".

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