Rare vs. Desirable

From: Tom Owad <tomowad_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Jul 11 19:46:23 1998

>Speaking of Mac Portables, how much would you pay for a very rare
>(prototype?) Mac Portable in a clear plastic case? I couldn't overcome my
>lack of love for Macs to pay the $300 asking price today (but somebody
>else did about an hour later).

I don't believe they were prototypes; more of souvenir-type deals, I
believe. I could see paying $200, $300 is more than I'd spend for most
any 'classic' computer.

>What is it with Apple and clear plastic cases anyways? I think I remember
>clear plastic Apple ]['s at dealers. Did Apple do this for all of their

   I beleive just about all the Newton Messagepads were done in clear
cases and they're really not _that_ uncommon. You'll see them for sale
every 6 months or so if you read the Newton Classifieds. Most recently,
I saw a non-working MP 100 go for $100 (my offer was the second highest
at $40). From what I understand, there were even some Newton's done in
wooden cases, though I'm not sure if these were operational. Prototypes
of the eMate were also done in a wide variety of colors.
   I've seen and heard of lots of different Macs being done in clear
plastic. In addition to the Portable you mentioned, several members of
the Mac II family, as well as the LC. I also vaguely remember something
about a green Mac Classic. Anybody?

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