hard drive data recovery

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Sat Jul 11 22:11:30 1998

We had 10" drives in our test rack tied to an HP 1000 minicomputer that had
both removable and fixed platters. They weren't crash proof but were
replaceable in the shop, no dust room since there was positive airflow through
the drive unit. You didn't dare sweep the floor though! As far as head
calibration you were looking at a very expensive set of instruments for this
and the platters alone were costly.

Don Maslin wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Sam Ismail wrote:
> **** snip ****
> > Why can't they make a hard drive that's crash proof? Even if the
> > mechanics fail, can't some hardend substance like glass be layed over the
> > platter so if the head did crash it would only scratch the glass? Then
> > you would simply open the drive, pull out the platter, replace the glass
> > shield if necessary, then insert it into a working assembly. The head
> > calibration would be adjusted to compensate for the extra distance to the
> > platter.
> You forget that what permits the high areal density on current drives is
> the fact that the heads are able to fly so close to the magnetic media
> surface. What you propose would probably make your 1.2gb drive into
> about a 1.2kb drive!
> - don

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