Rare vs. Desirable

From: John R. Keys Jr. <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Sun Jul 12 00:34:31 1998

Were does one find this Newton Classifieds ?? John
At 05:46 PM 7/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Speaking of Mac Portables, how much would you pay for a very rare
>>(prototype?) Mac Portable in a clear plastic case? I couldn't overcome my
>>lack of love for Macs to pay the $300 asking price today (but somebody
>>else did about an hour later).
>I don't believe they were prototypes; more of souvenir-type deals, I
>believe. I could see paying $200, $300 is more than I'd spend for most
>any 'classic' computer.
>>What is it with Apple and clear plastic cases anyways? I think I remember
>>clear plastic Apple ]['s at dealers. Did Apple do this for all of their
> I beleive just about all the Newton Messagepads were done in clear
>cases and they're really not _that_ uncommon. You'll see them for sale
>every 6 months or so if you read the Newton Classifieds. Most recently,
>I saw a non-working MP 100 go for $100 (my offer was the second highest
>at $40). From what I understand, there were even some Newton's done in
>wooden cases, though I'm not sure if these were operational. Prototypes
>of the eMate were also done in a wide variety of colors.
> I've seen and heard of lots of different Macs being done in clear
>plastic. In addition to the Portable you mentioned, several members of
>the Mac II family, as well as the LC. I also vaguely remember something
>about a green Mac Classic. Anybody?
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