Mac Portable

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sun Jul 12 10:22:40 1998

As I've said before, I think that getting the battery to work correctly
will solve your sad mac problems. I was able to temporarily recharge the
battery by taking an old power cable, plugging it in, and touching the
cables to the battery terminals. It blew the surge protector a couple of
times, but eventually, I was able to power up the mac. However, this
will eventually wear off and the mac will cease to work again. When this
happened to me, I decided to rebuild the battery, so I took it apart and
left it on my shelf for a few months while the mac ran off two AC
adapters. Then I decided I won't rebuild the battery after all because
it would cost $30 to buy the cells, so I put it back together and
reinserted it into the mac. The two AC adapters were still plugged in.
After several weeks of sitting on this intensive overvoltaged charge
cycle (during which the machine still worked), the battery is as
reliable as it should be. I haven't tested it in fear that it might not
recharge too well again, but the portable runs for 15 minutes at least
w/o wall adapters.

>I've heard of people rebuilding them also, though I have never tried (I
>don't currently own a Portable).
>Tom Owad
>Sysop of Caesarville Online
>Client software at: <>

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