LCD repair

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sun Jul 12 10:37:44 1998

I have no experience with this, but I am willing to bet that it's the
ribbon cables that go from the circuit board to the LCD. I've known them
to cause this. First, check that the glue or tape that holds them to the
board didn't undo itself. If not, I have no idea how to replace them,
since they are attached right onto the LCD panel.

>No high voltage on an LCD, it's a low volt device that the presence or
>of voltage causes the cystals to align or scatter, causing balck or
>There's two types and I don't need to go into the diffs in field effect
>the other.
>Your outlook on what might be at fault is good. This is one of those
>that someone that does this a lot could probably snap their fingers and
>the answer. I personally haven't had that much experience with that
>and would have to dig in the schematics and do some hands on to try to
>isolate it.
>Doug Yowza wrote:
>> OK, hardware gurus, how about some remote diagnostic help: PowerBook
>> (my first and only Mac), a bunch of black vertical lines of varying
>> on the LCD (different patterns on the two panels that make up the
>> display), but otherwise the display looks good (all the bits in the
>> place).
>> Video RAM? LCD controller? Cable problem on the laptop side? Cable
>> problem on the LCD side? Bad LCD? Repair FAQ?
>> I have a volt meter, a logic probe, a fear of high current, but I
>> the occassional high voltage zap. What's my next move?
>> -- Doug
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