can I use any 68040 chip in a mac ?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 06:39:17 1998

> I came across a performa 636cd, (i know, under 10 yrs by far.) but this
> is a more generic question. It has a 68LC040 processor; I need a straight
> 68040 for NetBSD... is it possible to nab one of these from someplace and
> just put it in? besides any clock speed issues & whatnot, are they all the
> same "under the hood" ? or are they all different. I guess this applies to
> several other systems I have, since I'm interested in upgrading other things
> as well. any info appreciated. thanks!

On all 68LC040 Macs you just need to exchange it with
an 68040 to get the MathCo. Just check the frequency.

But using a 636 for NetBSD isn't a good idea - any
486-PC will give the same or better performance - but
while using Mac OS 8 the 63x are just fine machines.


P.S.: don't forget the memory update - the 63x Macs
can use 36 or 52 MB of Mem, depending on the mobo
revision. If you have 1 SIMM slot, add a 32MB module,
if there are two slots, use a 16 MB modul in the outhermost
and a 32 in the innermost slot.

Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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