Rare vs. Desirable

From: Hans Franke <franke_at_sbs.de>
Date: Mon Jul 13 07:37:30 1998

>> I beleive just about all the Newton Messagepads were done in clear
>>cases and they're really not _that_ uncommon. You'll see them for sale
> Nope... I don't recall any clear MP's, except maybe a few special ones that
> I've forgotten about... The eMate 300 is the only Newton I remember that
> had a clear case. And if I think hard, I am beginning to recall there might
> have been a few 100's or 110's with clear cases. They may not be uncommon,
> but they aren't common either... Much fewer than the so called "rare" Woz
> edition Apple IIgs computers.

There was a 'special edition' of the Newton 120 in clear case.
A friend of mine has one - I'm still looking - there are only
a few known in Germany, and they still sell for prices around
800-100 DM (USD 500+). Still on my wishlist.

>>every 6 months or so if you read the Newton Classifieds. Most recently,
>>I saw a non-working MP 100 go for $100 (my offer was the second highest
>>at $40). From what I understand, there were even some Newton's done in
>>wooden cases, though I'm not sure if these were operational. Prototypes
>>of the eMate were also done in a wide variety of colors.
> Never heard of wood ones. Ouch, I got a splinter from my MP... :-) And I
> think there may ahve been 3 or 4 colors for the prototype eMates. I think
> I've seen two different colors. As for MP100's, $50 is the max they should
> be selling for. I saw someone trying to sell one for $300, and it really
> doesn't make sense until you see all the extra memory cards, the larger of
> which can cost a LOT of money.

As fas as I remember these woioden MPs where all mock ups - just
a pice of carved wood.


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